Local Course Rules

Water Hazard – Yellow stakes
Lateral Hazard – Red stakes
Staked Trees – One club length relief, no penalty

Out of Bounds

  • Beyond course boundary fences
  • Beyond white stakes

Lewis Estates Golf Course Care & Conduct

Please respect and preserve the natural setting of the course so all players can enjoy the course. Please be mindful of the following:

  • Replace divots
  • Repair ball marks
  • Observe the dress code
  • Obey the course marshall
  • Observe pace of play requirements
  • Rake Bunkers
  • Alcohol – must be purchased from Lewis Estates. Outside alcohol is not legal
  • Players are responsible for all eventualities of their golf shot


Pace of Play

Golfers are expected to keep pace with the group in front of them and complete their round in under 4 ½ hours.

If you should be playing at a slower pace:

  • When you have an open hole in front of you, allow the group following to play through
  • Skip a hole, especially when directed by the Marshall

Tips to keep your pace:

  • Limit the search for lost balls to two minutes
  • If your stroke count for a hole reaches double par, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee
  • Hit when ready, even if you are not “away”
  • After taking your first putt, continue until you hole out
  • Blue tees are recommended only for use by players with an 8 handicap or lower

The Course Marshall

  • Players MUST adhere to marshall directives
  • Be considerate of others and keep pace
  • Remember, it only takes one slow group to back up the entire golf course

3 Strike Policy

  1. Asked to pick up pace
  2. Asked to pick up ball and catch up
  3. Asked to leave course